A Detailed Overview of Our Collaborations

At The Blixt Group, we prioritize your network's security, and to ensure your assets are safe, we have the best strategic partnerships.


Wireless Intrusion Detection-Prevention

Aruba Networks offers comprehensive network protection measures to defend your entire network from unauthorized Wi-Fi clients and ad hoc networks. Through continuous RF environment scanning, centralized forensic data evaluation, active containment of rogue devices, and round-the-clock device configuration lockdown, Aruba ensures robust security. The Aruba RF-Protect solution is recognized as an authorized and compliant solution within the DoD/Intelligence Community organizations. It has received approvals from the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Product Compliant List, Common Criteria, and the NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Component List.


Undetected Attacks | Analyst Fatigue | Inefficient Investigations

Naira focuses on addressing internal threats that keep your security teams concerned, such as compromised users, compromised hosts, negligent employees, and malicious insiders. The presence of excessive and indiscriminate warnings contributes to alert overload, making investigations lengthy and lacking crucial context and evidence. Consequently, this elevates organizational risk. The Naira solution aims to automatically identify cybercriminals operating within your network and expedite the detection of negligent or malicious insider activities.